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At AAAdvantage Concrete Coatings, we strive to meet your concrete coating needs. AAAdvantage services commercial and industrial customers with unlimited solutions to get your project done right.

Whether it’s an epoxy floor coating, stained concrete, polished concrete, or any other type of resinous floor system, AAAdvantage Concrete Coatings has a product and installation technique to do it. We own our concrete preparation equipment and work around the clock when the project requires it.

Color Quartz System

Attractive and durable concrete coating that can be designed to fit any decorative style.

Integrated Cove Base

Add an impervious barrier between floor and wall, eliminating the possibility of bacteria and mildew growth.

Industrial Floor Coatings

This growing trend is a truly attractive and durable interior concrete coating.

Polished Concrete

Improve the appearance and durability of an untreated concrete slab.

Epoxy Moisture Barrier

This layer acts as a shield, protecting the finished floor from MVT long term.

Concrete Overlay

Improve the look and performance of your floor.

Sealed Concrete

Protect your concrete from surface damage, corrosion and staining caused by weather and regular wear and tear.

Colored Chip Floor Systems

Choose from a variety of colors that will improve the look and performance of your floor.

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