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We offer a variety of design options including colors, patterns & polished concrete that have the power to completely transform the look of your business.

concrete overlay


Whether you’re designing an outdoor entertaining space or looking for a new flooring option inside, consider the concrete you already have.


Garage Floors

The 1-Day Garage Floor Special promises we’ll get your garage floor cleaned, prepped, coated and polished all in one day, clean up included.

Integrated Cove Base

Our Integrated Cove Base system is designed to create a smooth, curved transition between floor and wall where most rooms are designed with a 90-degree angle. The curved design draws moisture down for easy clean up and prevents any build up of allergens, chemicals and dust in hard to clean corners.

Color Quartz

Color Quartz Floor Systems

Color quartz floor systems are a durable and attractive, seamless concrete coating solution with colorful quartz granules embedded in a tough resin. The finish of a color quartz floor system creates a thick, sanitary, hard wearing coating that also enhances the decorative properties of your concrete floor and can even be designed to reflect light to help you locate dropped parts easier.


Polished Concrete

Polished concrete improves the appearance and durability of an untreated concrete slab. It adds shine, increases wear, is easy to maintain and creates a beautiful and unique backdrop for any decorative style. Polished concrete is a popular choice for showrooms, offices, museums, retail spaces, restaurants and home interiors.


Decorative Floors

If you’re looking for a truly exotic concrete coating to draw attention to any interior space, a metallic epoxy or color chip floor system may be just what you’re looking for. Decorative concrete floors are a unique, ultra durable and easy-to-maintain option for galleries, showrooms, theaters, restaurants, garages, grand foyers, entertaining spaces and more.