Concrete Coating Services for Commercial and Industrial Floors

Together, Orange and Los Angeles Counties are home to more than 13 million people with more than 87 million tourists visiting each year.

Businesses owners who invest in their infrastructure report higher revenues and less down time for repairs. Concrete coatings are a preventative and strengthening solution that help maintain the safety and sanitary standards of a business.


Concrete coating solutions provide a variety of benefits for commercial and industrial floors including:

  • Hard-wear, durable and long-lasting surface
  • Seamless design that is sanitary, easy to maintain, prevents mold and repels spills
  • Unique designs and styles that stand out from common flooring solutions
  • Nonslip solutions for surfaces subject to splashing and spills

We specialize in seamless flooring solutions that coat your concrete substrate with a resinous floor system with absolutely no cracks, grooves or crevices. Smooth, epoxy coated concrete floors repel spills of all kinds including oil, grease and chemicals, making it easy to wipe up, clean, and sanitize without damaging the floor.

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We offer a variety of design options including solid colors, color blends and custom designed patterns. You have the power to increase the visual appeal of your brand and/or displayed products and increase your foot traffic. Nonslip options are available for common splash zones like commercial kitchens, outdoor patios and hospitals.


Commercial and Industrial Concrete Services:

  • Color Quartz Floor Systems
  • Integrated Cove Base
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Polished Concrete
  • Sealed Concrete
  • Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Colored Chip Floor Systems
  • Concrete Overlays
  • Epoxy Moisture Barriers
  • Waterproof Deck Coatings

Office Buildings, Retail Shops, Apartment Buildings, Salons and Waiting Rooms

Unlike wood, tile, or carpet, concrete floors rarely need replacing and almost never need maintenance when treated with an epoxy concrete coating. These floors last lifetimes without needing anything more than light sweeping and mopping and won’t show traffic paths, stains, scuffs or scrapes.

Our seamless concrete coatings leave no space for mold or mildew to develop and make it easy to wipe up any spills or messes, keeping your floors looking and feeling like new.

Modernize your office building, retail shop, apartment, condo, hotel, salon or any waiting room with a fresh and fun concrete coating that uses the concrete floors you’ve already invested in. Design opportunities are endless with our option of different colors and as many combinations and arrangements you can dream up.

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Parking Structures, Aircraft Hangars, Storage Facilities and Warehouses

Commercial parking structures, aircraft hangars, storage facilities and industrial warehouses take a daily beating from heavy machinery and use. Concrete by itself is not designed to withstand the treacherous use of many industrial activities. The average passenger vehicle weighs 4,000 pounds and a private jet can weigh as much as 12,500 pounds according to Boeing. That’s a whole lot of force being applied to your concrete floor each time a vehicle enters the structure.

Concrete coatings reinforce and protect concrete structures to prevent damage. We recommend an industrial strength coating for high use floors like these to protect the concrete and strengthen it.

The coating will protect the substrate from cracking, breaking and wearing down over time. Our seamless concrete coatings are easy to clean and can incorporate designs like colored chip or metallic to add a little pizzazz to your building.

Patios, Stadiums and Outdoor Shopping Malls

Concrete coatings both strengthen and protect concrete floors, but they can also add a visual interest with the addition of color and patterns created with colored chip and color quartz floor systems.

Lengthen the life of your restaurant patio, sports stadium, shopping center, music venue or other outdoor space with a concrete coating that will protect your concrete surface from the regular wear and tear of high traffic and heavy machinery.  The added thickness of the coating will prevent the concrete from cracking and breaking under pressure and the seamless design makes it easy to clean.

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Commercial Kitchens, Hospitals and Laboratories

Cleanliness is next to godliness in commercial kitchens, hospitals and laboratories. Seams, grout and edges of flooring are common spaces where germs like to linger, but linger no more with the addition of an epoxy concrete coating.

We coat concrete surfaces in a seamless style that provides absolutely no nook or cranny for even the smallest of dust particle to fester. Epoxy coated floors are extremely easy to sanitize to maintain the standards of cleanliness in spaces where it really matters.

Nonslip materials can be added to these concrete coatings to increase friction in a floor that is subject to splashing and spills like kitchens and operating rooms.

Museums, Galleries, Ballrooms and Showrooms

Whether you’re displaying a Van Gogh, classic cars or blushing brides, everything looks and photographs better on a clean, polished and attractive surface. Start designing from the ground and work your way upward. You may just be surprised how much interest a floor can actually bring to a space.

We offer a variety of concrete coating solutions that allow you to truly design your own floor, unique to your building, alone. You might add a colored chip system to draw out brick features or match the signature color of your logo. Or maybe you’ll choose a metallic silver floor to reflect the light from your big windows and really make your venue shine.

Concrete coatings protect floors from scratches, stains and cracking from heavy use. Floors are easy to wipe clean and keep looking polished and new, lengthening the life of your floor and increasing the value of your venue.

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Auto Repair Shops, Industrial Workshops and Loading Docks

Workshops and loading docks are subject to the constant strain of heavy machinery and vehicles in addition to the occasional impact of a dropped item or oil spill. Both regular wear and tear and accidents can be incredibly damaging to a bare concrete surface, forcing regular repairs and even complete replacements. A concrete coating will protect your floor for years with very little maintenance required.

Coated concrete surfaces are many times more durable than their underlying substrate alone with options of different thicknesses to strengthen your existing floor. The seamless installation leaves no gap for oil or chemicals to penetrate your floor and protects the surface from cracking under regular use. Ask about our nonslip options and custom designs that will both increase the safety and visual appeal of your space.

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