Concrete Coating Services for Residential Floors

The majority of our homes here in Orange and Los Angeles Counties are built on a concrete slab. And that’s all you really need for a unique, durable and easy to clean floor.


Concrete coating solutions provide a variety of benefits for residential floors including:

  • Hard-wear, durable and long-lasting surface

  • Seamless design are easy to maintain, prevent mold and repel spills

  • Unique designs and styles stand out from common flooring solutions

  • Nonslip solutions available for slippery outdoor, kitchen and bathroom floors

We specialize in seamless installations that coat your concrete substrate in solid epoxy with absolutely no cracks, grooves or crevices. Smooth, epoxy coated concrete floors repel spills of all kinds including oil, grease and chemicals, making it easy to wipe up, clean, and sanitize without damaging the floor

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Whether you’re designing an outdoor entertaining space or looking for a new flooring option inside, consider the concrete you already have. The opportunities concrete coating services provide might just surprise you.

We offer a variety of design options including colors, patterns and polished concrete that have the power to completely transform the look of your home. Nonslip options are available for common splash zones like kitchens, bathrooms and pool areas.

Residential Concrete Services:

  • Color Quartz Floor Systems

  • Integrated Cove Base

  • Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • Polished Concrete

  • Sealed Concrete

  • Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • Colored Chip Floor Systems

  • Concrete Overlays

  • Epoxy Moisture Barriers

  • Waterproof Deck Coatings

Pools and Spas

Have you ever burnt your bare feet on a hot concrete surface when crossing the walkway between your shaded lounge chair and the pool? Have you ever slipped on a slippery surface when getting out?

Concrete coating solutions not only protect the concrete surface. They also protect people. Ask us about non-slip surfaces and cool surface flooring options for poolside patios.

Garage Floors Done in Just 1 Day!

Increase the square footage of your home by transforming your garage into a multipurpose space that can be used for birthday parties, play areas for your kids, hobbies, and more.

We consistently install beautiful and durable garage floor systems in just 1 day, allowing you to get back on your floor the very next day. Our attention to detail is second to none and we regularly work in many of Orange and LA County's most premier homes.

A concrete coating adds durability, cleanliness and style to your garage floor, making it functional and easy to maintain. Your garage will serve as a safe haven for hot days and a quick solution for outside events that would otherwise be rained out.


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Patios and Balconies

With some of the best weather in the entire country, SoCal residents spend as much as 14 hours outside on a summer day. Whether you use your outdoor space for grilling, gardening, entertaining or relaxing, a concrete coating will protect your surface and keep your balcony and/or patio looking great, year around.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 235,000 Americans visit the emergency room each year, and 14% are hospitalized, as a result of bathroom related injuries. 

Splash zones like kitchens and bathrooms are accidents just waiting to happen. We use the same concrete coating technology used to increase friction in commercial kitchen floors to protect you and your loved ones from slippery mishaps. The seamless design also prevents humid spaces from harboring mold, as there are no nooks and absolutely no crannies.

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