Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

If you’re looking for a truly exotic concrete coating to draw attention to any interior space, a metallic epoxy floor system might be just what you’re looking for. Metallic epoxy is a durable decorative concrete coating, which allows us to dress your floor in a diverse finish.

Metallic epoxy coatings are great for vibrant interior floors like galleries, showrooms, theatres, and restaurants. It is also a great option for your own home garage, grand foyer or entertaining space to truly display your sense of style from the ground, up.

Metallic epoxy coatings use a solid colored base coat selected for each individual project. The floor is then colored by whichever metallic coating is being used to create a decorative flooring option unique to your own style. The numerous color options and various application techniques really allow us to mix and create a floor unique to your needs.

Once the metallic epoxy has been applied, we apply a suitable clear coat. This is an imperative step to preserve your floor finish! A metallic epoxy floor is not complete without a protective clear coat. We offer clear coat options in gloss or matte finishes with or without a grip additive for non-slip surfaces.

Metallic epoxy floor coatings utilize 100% solids and a two-component epoxy solution fitting to most concrete surfaces. Metallic pigment (a glitter-like powder) is added to the liquid and then applied. The mixture can be agitated in a variety of methods, each producing a different design and/or pattern. When the pigments are agitated they gather, separate, and disperse to reflect light at different angles. This creates a three-dimensional look, the defining feature of metallic epoxy concrete coatings.

Different tools, methods, and mixtures will result in distinctive arrangements of color and patterns, opening the doors to endless possibilities for your finished floor. After the epoxy hardens and the pigments are locked into place, you are left with an aesthetically unique floor, specific to your style and space.

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AAAdvantages of Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Aesthetically Pleasing

Metallic epoxy concrete coatings are most often sought for their exotic finished look. There are many designs we can create with metallic epoxy to uniquely finish each floor to be its own work of art. Imagine how you might transform your museum, showroom or even your home using a combination of colors and patterns all your own.

Extremely Durable

Metallic epoxy coatings are made up of several layers of coatings, which make it a very durable flooring option. The layering and fusing involved in designing your unique style creates a hardwearing surface that will stand up to heavy traffic and use for many years.

Clear Coating a Metallic Epoxy Floor

Once the metallic epoxy has been applied, we apply a suitable clear coat. This is an imperative step to preserve your floor finish! A metallic epoxy floor is not complete without a protective clear coat. In many ways, you can compare this concrete treatment to an automotive paint job. There is a primer coat, color coat and a clear coat. We offer clear coat options in gloss or matte finishes with or without a grip additives for non-slip surfaces.

Seamless Coating

Metallic epoxy coatings result in a finished look that has absolutely no seams, ridges, or joints. Through layering materials, we create a durable flooring option that is both low maintenance and easy to clean.


Metallic epoxy coatings resist dust mite and allergens unlike other flooring options such as wood and carpet. It also inhibits the growth of microorganisms because of its seamless design. A light mopping and a sweep is all that is needed to keep your floor sanitized.

Chemical Resistant

Metallic epoxy coatings result in an impermeable floor that is water and chemical resistant. Chemical spills and water leaks slide right over the surface, making it easy to wipe up, sanitize and keep your floor looking fresh. A lack of seams and joints make it impossible for eroding materials to penetrate the flooring, keeping it super strong and resistant to cracking or structural damage.


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The Installation Process

Step 1: Surface Preparation

Once we’ve finalized color and design, the first step in installing your new metallic epoxy concrete coating is preparing the concrete foundation. This involves diamond grinding the concrete and repairing any cracks, chips and imperfections.

Surface preparation is largely dependent on the state of the initial surface. An older concrete foundation may require more work to prepare for coating, but it is essential we start with a solid, unblemished slab to ensure a long-lasting floor.

Once the foundation has been prepared and properly cleaned it is time prime the surface.

Step 2: Primer Coat

Priming the surface involves a pigmented solvent-based epoxy primer, which seals off and bonds directly to the concrete substrate.

Step 3: Metallic Epoxy Coat

Next we apply the metallic base coat, which sets the overall field and color of the floor. This is where your floor really begins to transform before your eyes.

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Step 4: Protective Topcoat

The final step in applying your new metallic epoxy concrete coatings is sealing the entire surface with a protective top layer. This can be 100% epoxy or a more abrasion resistant urethane or polyaspartic to maximize the protection of your new metallic epoxy coating. Non-skid components can also be added to enhance skid resistance and safety for industrial and public spaces.

Transform Your Space With a Metallic Epoxy Coating

Because of its versatility in design and aesthetic draw, metallic epoxy concrete coatings are a growing trend. Whether residential or commercial application, we have the technology and expertise to create your very own sophisticated metallic epoxy floor.

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