Integrated Cove Base

Integrated Cove Base systems are a necessary part of many commercial floor applications including restaurant kitchens, clean rooms, pharmaceutical facilities, surgical facilities and many others. Integrated Cove Base systems are constructed from a special mixture of epoxy and sand and are skillfully applied to the perimeter walls of a project. This system ensures water or other contaminants will not penetrate under wall surfaces.

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The Cove Base generally ranges from 4 to 6 inches in height up the sidewall, depending on your desired use and specifications. Concrete floor systems with an Integrated Cove Base create an easy to clean, seamless, durable surface that protects your concrete substrate and the building sidewalls from spills, splashes, stains, humidity and so much more.

Applying an Integrated Cove Base to a floor system creates a seamless surface between the floor and wall to create an impervious barrier to prevent particles and moisture from entering, eliminating the possibility of bacteria and mildew growth. And it can be cleaned and sanitized in just minutes with a quick mop.


AAAdvantages of Integrated Cove Base Floor Systems

Integrated Cove Base floor systems are extremely versatile and can be installed over almost any substrate in any type of facility, both residential and commercial.

Integrated Cove Base Systems:

  • Repel spills, stains and splashes
  • Eliminate the possibility of mold and mildew
  • Extremely easy to clean and sanitize
  • Designed for optimal functionality on an industrial scale


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Smooth, Integrated Design

Our Integrated Cove Base system is designed to create a smooth, curved transition between floor and wall where most rooms are designed with a 90-degree angle. The curved design draws moisture down for easy clean up and prevents any build up of allergens, chemicals and dust in hard to clean corners.

Paired with a wall-to-wall seamless concrete coating, our Integrated Cove Base is an ideal solution for commercial kitchens, clean rooms, hospitals, pharmaceutical production, and workshops.

The radius cove can range between ¾ to 1 inch while the thickness finish of the portion covering your wall can be as thin as ¼ inch-thick. Most Integrated Cove Base systems measure four to six inches in height from the substrate but can be customized to meet your specific parameters.


Aesthetically Pleasing

An Integrated Cove Base provides absolutely no break in the floor to wall juncture, which helps create an aesthetically pleasing finish from wall to wall. Base height and thickness can be customized for your unique application to keep rooms looking polished regardless of the beating your space is subjected to. Integrated Cove Base solutions stand strong against heavy machinery hits, abrasive chemical spills, and swinging doors in addition to any other wear and tear you put it through.


Added Sidewall and Substrate Protection

An Integrated Cove Base adds a curve at the base of your walls to create a seamless integration between floor and wall covering. The cove serves as an aesthetic touch and provides additional waterproofing at the wall base for added durability of the floor system and buildings sidewalls.


Easy to Clean

We install Integrated Cove Base systems using the same technology and materials as our hard-wear industrial floors, making them extremely easy to clean. A simple hose down or mopping makes cleaning up big messes a piece of cake, and, with the added Integrated Cove Base, there is no risk of damaging the drywall.

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Integrated Cove Base solutions are especially beneficial for food preparation areas and manufacturing facilities that routinely need to be washed out to maintain cleanliness standards and pass inspections.


Waterproof and Chemical Resistant

Integrated Cove Base systems are waterproof and chemical resistant, making them just as durable as your newly installed concrete coated floor system. There is no need to worry about spills or mishaps that can cause damage to unprotected concrete and walls with your floor system and Integrated Cove Base combo.

If you’re installing a new concrete floor or updating an older substrate, consider the benefits of adding an Integrated Cove Base. It will increase the functionality of your new floor, optimize protection for the building sidewalls and underlying substrate, and we always design to fit your specific project parameters.