Epoxy Moisture Barrier

Millions of dollars are spent annually in the United States alone to correct concrete floor systems that have been damaged as a result of moisture related issues. Excessive moisture vapor emissions in slabs of concrete can cause substantial, expensive damage to a floor system.

An Epoxy Moisture Barrier applied to the substrate prior to the installation of a floor system, like a concrete coating, acts as a shield, protecting the finished floor from moisture vapor transmissions (MVT) long term.

Epoxy Moisture Barrier systems are chemical barricades that are applied to prohibit damage caused by moisture emissions within the concrete slab itself. We apply the solution directly over the concrete substrate to prevent moisture build up between the substrate and your chosen floor system.

What is Excessive Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT)?

Excessive moisture in concrete becomes problematic when the amount of moisture emitting from the concrete subfloor exceeds the amount allowed for by the flooring manufacturer. This condition often occurs when new flooring is installed before the concrete substrate has had adequate time to evaporate its excess moisture.

When your new floor is installed on a substrate that has not dried properly, vapor emissions can become trapped between the concrete substrate and the new flooring system, causing weakening of the internal structure and even possible bubbling and rupturing.

Causes of moisture vapor transmission may include construction schedules that don’t allow proper time for newly laid concrete to cure, excessive moisture conditions under the concrete slab, low permeability vapor barrier underneath, high humidity and poor air flow, or even external issues such as broken pipes and poor irrigation systems.

An Epoxy Moisture Barrier is a simple and reliable method for creating an impermeable barricade to keep your concrete subfloor safe and strong.

AAAdvantages of Epoxy Moisture Barriers

Our Epoxy Moisture Barriers offer ultimate protection against vapor emissions in concrete substrates. As necessary, we install Epoxy Moisture Barriers to any and all concrete substrates for residential, commercial and industrial applications regardless of the floor system to be installed.

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Epoxy Moisture Barriers are a smart addition to any floor, but are especially beneficial for busy contractors and any space subject to moisture including beach properties, garages, humid spaces like laundry rooms and kitchens and any floor without an existing moisture sealant system applied.

Wherever a new floor system is being installed over a concrete substrate, protect the whole product with an Epoxy Moisture Barrier.

Vapor Transmission Reduction

Epoxy Moisture Barriers are designed to penetrate into the concrete substrate to create a solid layer on the surface to reduce emission rates to near zero. Reducing the buildup of moisture between the substrate and floor system will protect it for years to come.

Fast Application and Curing Time

An Epoxy Moisture Barrier can be applied in as little as one day and cured just a few hours later. This makes it a great solution for new construction projects with tight schedules and quickly approaching deadlines. The addition of an Epoxy Moisture Barrier will ensure the project is done on time and done right.

Versatile Application

An Epoxy Moisture Barrier can be used at different coverage rates depending on the level of moisture vapor emission control required for your application. Give us a call to discuss your project and let us help you determine the best solution for protecting your substrate from moisture. 

And because Epoxy Moisture Barriers are applied directly to the concrete substrate, it can serve as an underlayment for a variety of floor systems including concrete coatings, wood, tile, laminate and carpet.


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Installation For New and Existing Concrete Slabs

Depending on conditions, like relative humidity, a new slab of concrete can take months to fully dry and cure before it is safe to install a floor. We understand this is not a functional timeline for most projects, which is why more and more people are choosing to apply an Epoxy Moisture Barrier to get floors installed quicker.

We also apply Epoxy Moisture Barriers to existing substrates to protect your foundation prior to the installation of a new floor system.

Protect Against Microbiological Activity

An Epoxy Moisture Barrier is designed to reduce moisture emission rates to an acceptable level for the flooring being installed. This helps combat flooring failures such as microbiological activity including mold and mildew.

Epoxy Moisture Barrier Installation Process

An Epoxy Moisture Barrier can be applied with humidity levels up to 100% and, in such cases, a floor covering can be installed on existing or newly laid slabs of concrete after just five days. That’s a whole lot faster than the usual 28-day cure!

Addition of an Epoxy Moisture Barrier requires very little downtime and will cure in as little as 5 to 12 hours, making it an ideal choice for new and fast tracked construction projects.

If you are interested in our Epoxy Moisture Barrier installation service for your new or existing concrete substrate please contact us at AAAdvantage Concrete Coatings.

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