Colored Chip Floor Systems

Colored chip floor systems are an easy way to achieve beautiful custom concrete coatings that will greatly improve the look and performance of your floor.

Also known as vinyl chip flooring, this concrete coating option has become a standard application of epoxy floor systems. The decorative flakes used in colored chip floor systems consist of polymer paint aggregates of acrylic and vinyl resins. The flakes are very thin, usually between 4 and 5 mils thick. We offer a variety of our most popular colors in addition to the option to mix and match your own color combination and create a unique look all your own.

The colored chip aggregate shape is just as random as a snowflake but are available in different sizes ranging from 1” in diameter to as small as 1/32”; we offer a standard size of 1/4”. Contact us about your project and we’d be happy to help you design your colored chip floor system.

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A colored chip floor system is a great way to improve the look and durability of your concrete floor in both residential and commercial applications.

AAAdvantages of Colored Chip Floor Systems

Increased Decorative Value

Colored chip floor systems have the ability to match any decor style due to the many colors of aggregates that are available. This allows you to be the creator of your own custom concrete coating for your home or business. We can help you design a floor to complement your existing space.

Quick Installation Time

A colored chip floor system, in many cases, can be installed in one day with next day return to service. In just 24 hours we can transform your plain concrete slab into a solid, decorative flooring system.

Durable Performance

A colored chip floor system is a durable concrete coating that improves impact-resistance paired with incredible strength and wear characteristics. Colored chip floor systems are long lasting and will continuing appearing brand new with a simple, routine clean.

Stain Resistant

This completely sealed design makes cleaning your colored chip floor system a breeze. Because there are no pores for chemicals, water or dust to seep into, messes are easily wiped up, leaving your floor just as it was.

There is no need to worry about chemical or oil stains after installing a colored chip floor system either. A regular light mopping will remove any debris you don’t see and keep your colored chip floor looking fresh.

UV Stable Pigments

The flakes in colored chip floor systems are UV stable so they won’t fade or change color over time. Even with exposure to extended periods of direct sunlight, your colored chip floor system will maintain its original look.

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Coverage and Broadcast Methods

When it comes to creating your custom concrete coating, a variety of options allow you to design a floor that matches your brand, reflects light and even draws attention to displayed artwork. A thoughtfully designed floor has the power to completely transform your space and even draw more business.

Our colored chip floor systems allow you to choose from a spectrum of colors for the aggregate mixture. Our experts can help you create your own uniquely designed colored chip floor system.


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Installation Process


Surface Preparation

The first step in applying a colored chip concrete coating is preparing the concrete foundation. We’ll repair any cracks, chips, and grind the concrete.

New concrete must have a 28-day cure prior to coating. In the case of older concrete flooring, we take the time to remove all surface oils, paint, dust and debris to promise a clean application.

Primer Coat

In some cases it will be necessary to apply a primer coat. This usually occurs when moisture issues are present or to address other slab issues. Priming the concrete surface involves a solvent-based epoxy primer mix, which we spread across the concrete surface. This seals the concrete and bonds directly to the substrate.

Base Coat and Colored Chips

Next we apply the self-priming colored chip base coat. This provides the underlying field and main color of the floor. Colored chips are then applied while the base coat is still wet, a very delicate process. We use a method called “broadcast to rejection” which ensures complete and even coverage with the colored chips in addition to adding extra thickness to make your floor even more durable.

Protective Topcoat

Finally we give the entire surface a good coating with a protective top layer. Generally we use a high solids Polyaspartic clear coat, but can also use a 100% epoxy coating if no UV exposure is present.

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