Color Quartz Floor Coatings

Color quartz floor systems are a durable and attractive, seamless concrete coating solution with colorful quartz granules embedded in a tough resin. The finish of a color quartz floor system creates a thick, sanitary, hard wearing coating that also enhances the decorative properties of your concrete floor.

Colored quartz floor systems create a seamless solution that can be utilized in many applications. They generally incorporate an integrated cove base to create a seamless transition to walls. The aggregates are composed of uniformly shaped and sized color quartz granules color-coated with resins specifically selected for your job type. There are many different color quartz blends to choose from to customize your concrete coating.

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Color Quartz floor systems are often used in:

  • Commercial kitchens

  • Medical centers

  • Pharmaceutical production

  • Laboratories

  • Clean rooms

  • Showrooms

  • Museums

  • Outdoor walkways and pool decks

Improve the safety and appearance of your business, or simply fulfill the need for a better flooring solution.


AAAdvantages of a Color Quartz Floor System

Many Design Opportunities

Color quartz floor systems can be installed in a variety of color blends, textures and thicknesses, giving you the power to customize any floor to your specific style and purpose.

Color Quartz Floor Systems consist of resin and quartz aggregate making it thicker and stronger than traditional epoxy floor coatings. These flooring systems can be designed in a single color or a combination of quartz aggregates to offer a variety of unique design options. Match your logo’s colors, enhance the appeal of items displayed on your floor, bring light into a space or design a unique floor inspired by a work of art. The opportunities of design with color quartz floor coatings are endless.


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Incredible Durability

The numerous layers applied in a color quartz floor system make a thick coating, offering excellent durability for high-use floors. After designing and installing your color quartz floor coating a final, protective top layer is applied to maximize protection of your flooring to ensure your new floor lasts. The thickness of your color quartz floor coating can be adjusted to meet your performance needs.

Water, Chemical and Stain Resistant

Color quartz floor systems are water, chemical and stain resistant due to the seamless design and composition. Color quartz floor systems resist chemicals that can stain or destabilize regular concrete over time.

Impact Resistant

Color quartz floor systems can be customized to meet both residential and industrial performance needs. Protective top coatings are applied to make color quartz floor systems more resistant to impact from heavy use. Once complete, a color quartz floor system is many times stronger than plain concrete.  

Easy to Maintain

Thanks to the seamless design, cleaning your Color Quartz Floor System is a breeze. Because there are no seams or pores for chemicals, water or dust to seep into, messes are easily wiped up, leaving your floor just as it was. We even have solutions for the floor to inhibit mold and bacteria growth for clean room settings. A regular light mopping will keep your floor looking clean and new far longer than other flooring options.

Safety Properties

Color quartz floor systems can improve the safety of your household or business by using non- skid texture finishes. This can improve traction and slip resistance even while appearing glossy. The color quartz design can also make it easier to find dropped pieces, parts or debris by reflecting opposite light.

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Installation Process

Preparing the Substrate

The first step of installing a color quartz floor system is to prepare the concrete foundation. This includes diamond grinding or shot blasting, repairing cracks and spalls and making sure the substrate is clean and dry. Once the foundation has been properly prepped it’s time to start coating.

Applying the Body Coat

After the foundation has been prepared, a primer coat is applied to seal off and separate the substrate from the color quartz floor system. This layer can consist of an epoxy primer or moisture barrier if required. From here we will either broadcast the color quartz system or trowel it, depending on the job conditions. This is the stage where we determine the thickness of the floor and final texture.

Protective Top Coat

The last layer is a clear protective top coating to guard and keep your color quartz floor system looking like new.

Commercial Applications

A color quartz floor system is an excellent concrete coating choice for business owners and commercial applications. Its heavy-duty capability can handle high traffic areas while the decorative quartz property amplifies a clean, mature work place. A color quartz floor system has the versatility of being applied to a variety of businesses from quaint wine bistros to industrial warehouses.  

Color quartz floor systems can be installed in showrooms and museums where the floor offsets display pieces. Laboratories and garages can benefit from the safety properties of a color quartz floor. Restaurants and kitchens are another area where a color quartz floor system can be both useful and attractive.

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Residential Applications

Bring new style and functionality to your home with a color quartz floor system in your garage, basement, studio, pool area or other area of your residence. Take advantage of having a solid, easy to clean concrete coating while maintaining the decorative appearance of your home. A color quartz concrete coating is sure to transform your home.

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If you’re looking for a solid floor system but don’t just want a boring slab of gray concrete, take advantage of a color quartz floor system. It benefits both homeowners and business owners by providing a durable coating, that’s easy to maintain, and can appeal to any decorative style.