Your Garage Floor, Transformed in Just 1 Day! 

1 Day Garage SpecialYour garage floor is the foundation on which your family lives. It's the main entrance to your house. It’s the surface on which you load the kids up for school each morning.  It’s the battlefield for robot wars and a studio for dance practice. It’s the ground floor of a hobby turned small business and a man cave for game day and poker night. It’s a cool place to rest on a hot day and a dry shelter on a wet day.

Your garage floor is WAY more than just a floor. So protect that floor with a concrete coating to increase its durability and lengthen its life.

A Concrete Coating Will:

  • Protect your garage floor from cracking and breaking
  • Prevent mold, mildew and repel spills
  • Keep your garage looking clean and orderly
  • Transform your garage into an extra usable space



Our 1-Day Garage Special promises your residential garage floor will be completed in just one day!

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We know how busy you are. That’s why we introduced the 1-Day Garage Floor Special.

The 1-Day Garage Floor Special promises we’ll get your garage floor cleaned, prepped, coated and polished all in one day, clean up included. We start the minute you’re out the driveway and we’ll be done before dinner.

No construction zone. No mess. No fuss.